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Kitaria Outfit

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Kitaria's Outfit

Full outfit for sale!

It is not rigged.

Sculpted to Zin's GG Base

Pictured hair and head are also by ZinPia

Tri Counts:

Skirt - 1,894 tris

Shoes - 10,256 tris

Socks - 5,740 tris

Tshirt/Arms - 8,372 tris

Shoulder Guards - 4,040 tris

Panties - 931 tris

Halter Top - 2,448 tris

Belt - 512 tris

Total - 30,153 tris

Allowed Use:

You are allowed to use these on free/public models and nitro models.

You are allowed to use these for sale on completed models so long as you tell buyers they are not allowed to take the asset for themselves without buying it here.

You are allowed to use these on VTuber Models.

Credit for Use:

You must credit soulxkitten and a link to my gumroad shop

Join my discord server if you have any questions, for regular WIP and an open marketplace!!!

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Kitaria Outfit

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