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Nyx the Goddess of Night

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‧͙⁺˚*・༓ Nyx the Goddess of Night ・*˚⁺‧͙

She comes with multiple toggleable poses and 3 outfits you can toggle between.

You will receive a zip file that contains a VSFAvatar File. (Unity package will be added later)

Terms of Service:

You must credit soulxkitten with a link to my Gumroad or Twitter

You can not take any of the assets off the model.

Asset Credits:

Head -

Body -

Hair -

Lace Shirt and Shorts -

Blouse and Shorts:

Dress -

Shoes 1 -

Shoes 2 -

If you want to watch a tutorial on VSF Avatars I recommend this video by Kana Fuyuko
It goes over the various aspects of setting up a VSF Model yourself (though you only need to know how to export the model if you are only changing textures)

Please reach out if you have any issues at all or notice any issues with the model! Join my discord server for WIP and stream announcements of me working on models!

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Nyx the Goddess of Night

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